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in LED innovation.

SMC LED is bringing new savings to businesses with our new line of innovative LED lighting products.

Building on decades of experience in consumer electrical appliances, and leveraging the latest lighting technologies, we're bringing better quality, energy-efficient, long-life LEDs factory-direct to you. This means big savings across the board, reducing energy costs, maintenance costs, recycling costs, and more. And since we make all our products in our own facilities, you get better lead times, superior service, fewer back orders, more stability, and consistent quality.

All SMC LED products are manufactured by SMC Multi-Media Products Company Ltd - SMC's own manufacturing facility with vertically integrated manufacturing from LED chips to finished luminaries in its integrated production facilities in Shunde, China.

SMC LED Factory

Experience that counts:
Six decades of manufacturing excellence.

Our parent company, Shell Electric Holdings Ltd., has been manufacturing world class consumer electronics for nearly 60 years. From ceiling fans and lights to power tools and printers, we manufacture quality products and components for some of the best known brands in the world and have become one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Most recently, SMC joined forces with Lemnis Lighting Asia Ltd. to develop, manufacture and commercialize high quality and innovative LED lighting products.

Our Mission:

Provide a better quality, energy-efficient, long-life LED alternative for every lighting application.

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