Decorative Torpedo LED

Every time you change a light, you start saving more.

Traditional lighting costs more than you think. Energy costs, installation costs, maintenance costs, environmental costs, and recycling costs all add up to a significant drain on your budget. LED provides a smart way out of this costly cycle – while improving quality and performance.

LEDs are not all created equal.

With all the proven benefits of LED, more and more companies are beginning to offer LED products. But they’re not all offering the same level of quality. Our LEDs are built on smart innovation, using superior heat sink and chip technologies. And they are brought to you factory-direct. This means shorter lead times, more stability, fewer back orders, and consistent quality. The end result? Better performance and greater lifecycle savings. And with our global reach, we’re able to offer these benefits all over the world.

All SMC LED products are manufactured by SMC Multi-Media Products Company Ltd – SMC’s own manufacturing facility in its integrated production facilities in Shunde, China.

Seven smart reasons to
make the switch to LED:

  1. Longer lamp life
  2. Significant energy savings
  3. Rugged solid state durability
  4. Superior color rendering
  5. Reduced maintenance
  6. Precise color temperatures
  7. Premium performance

Ready to switch on the savings?

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The Green Light Guarantee

We stand behind our products with a 5-year* manufacturer’s warranty. This means you not only get the green light on savings, but you also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is protected.

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